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Child care with quality

From language and literacy to social skills and creative expression – the children with us at Bulleribång child care are constantly exposed to new activities and environments in order to thrive. We build on each child's strengths and interests so that we can build a strong foundation where they can develop their future.

The most important thing for us at Bulleribång is that all children should thrive, and be given the best possible conditions to develop and learn. The business is based on the conditions and needs of each individual child, with the curriculum for the preschool as a cornerstone. 

In the educational activities, we work according to the curriculum for the preschool (Lpfö 98 revised -18), we offer the children good care and teaching.

We use the Tyra app when we document the children by posting pictures and educational documentation in individual portfolios and the blog function, there is also a function where guardians enter schedules etc. The app and the pedagogical documentation are also a way for the educators to analyze, follow up and develop the activities. 

In order to safeguard the children's interest and curiosity, we work to offer a good learning environment for our children. The values and a democratic way of working where the children have a great opportunity for participation and influence permeate the operation.

Bulleribång has a large scenic outdoor yard where the children can explore the surroundings around our preschool. One day a week we go to the gymnasium, where the children can use different equipment and take part in various games and activities, three days a week we have themed work where we work together with the children in small groups based on the current theme.
We have a studio where all children are welcome to create and explore based on their interest and needs.
We also have days when we go to the forest, go on excursions, visit playgrounds and the municipal library.

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